Paedophile who stored a MILLION child abuse pictures is shopped… by his own WIFE


A paedophile who hoarded over a MILLION child abuse images on his PC has been jailed for five years – after being shopped by his horrified WIFE.

Kevin du Feu, 54, offered to grant Karen Haines a divorce and sign over their home if she kept quiet about his sickening library.

And when she reported him to police du Feu tried to claim SHE was responsible for amassing the vile collection which also included 720 child sex videos.

The father-of-one – who is now being divorced by his wife – denied 16 charges of making, possessing and distributing indecent material.

But he was found guilty at Guernsey’s Royal Court after jurors heard Ms Haines was not even at home when they were downloaded from paedophile websites.

Ms Haines stumbled across the obscene images in July 2009 when she went looking for a file to do with their window installation business.

She said she was “physically sick” after opening several warped images of young girls.

Ms Haines went to stay in a women’s refuge several months later, claiming her husband was violent and had attacked her.

When officers interview her she showed them a mobile phone photo of the indecent images on her husband’s computer screen.

Police raided their home in the Guernsey parish of St Martins and seized six hard drives containing 1.1million images and 720 videos.

Du Feu gave no evidence at his trial, where jurors took just 90 minutes to convict him.

His lawyer Chris Green said he had pleaded not guilty simply because he could not accept what he had done.

Describing it as a “depressing and appalling case”, Judge Russell Finch sentenced du Feu to five years in prison plus two years on probation upon release.

After the case Ms Haines said her estranged husband should have been given a longer sentence.

She obtained an injunction banning him from contacting her and has filed for divorce.

Describing the moment she found his stash, Ms Haines said: “I thought at first that he’d just been looking at adult porn again.

“I opened up one and it was a picture of a child. Then the poses started to appear. I only looked at about four before I was physically sick.

“Kevin would spend a lot of time upstairs while I was downstairs watching TV and I didn’t know what he was up to.

“There was no way I wasn’t going to report him at some stage and it was only a matter of when.

“He told me I could have a divorce and the house if I didn’t go to the police.

“The whole thing just makes me feel dirty. I’m pleased that it’s finally come to a head but I think they were too lenient.”


  1. Child porn should be legal to view, this is a witch hunt, nobody has the right to tell others what to view at home and what not.

    They need to find the people producing it and leave alone the viewers.


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