Alfie Mulroy, 22 and Bridget Gallagher, 21. See Ross Parry copy RPYHUNK: Alfie Mulroy, 22, won the girl of his dreams, Bridget Gallagher, 21 when he lost half his body weight. An overweight man who ballooned to 20 stone shed almost HALF his body weight to find love – and transformed into this HUNK. Graduate Alfie Mulroy, 21, piled on the pounds after starting university and as the scales went up, his confidence started to plummet. When the student, who was unlucky in love, plucked up the courage to weigh himself on Boxing Day in 2013 he saw a whopping 20st 2lbs staring back at him and decided to get fit. After watching his diet and running regularly, Alfie shed an impressive eight stone in just eight months and found love along the way.

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