UK Workers and Customers at Risk as Businesses Fail at Gas Safety


A new survey from British Gas Business has revealed that almost 20 per cent of UK SMEs are putting their employees and customers at risk by failing to install carbon monoxide alarms in their work premises.

While most of Britain’s small and medium sized enterprises take workplace gas safety seriously, around a fifth (21%) aren’t aware that by failing to undertake annual gas safety checks, they could be invalidating their insurance.

To raise awareness around gas safety, and to promote Gas Safety Week, British Gas surveyed around 500 of the UK’s SMEs, speaking with business owners and senior managers about their knowledge around safety laws.

It was revealed that while four out of five (79%) agreed that not undertaking gas safety checks in the workplace puts lives at risk, a shocking three per cent stated they thought there would be no health risks for employees or customers.

Making sure that all gas appliances, gas pipework and flues are continually maintained and are operating in a safe condition is a legal requirement for all employers. Alongside this, Landlords must also complete annual gas safety checks on all their properties.

Although British Gas have expressed the need for all businesses to adhere to gas safety laws, 82% of SMEs have stated that a gas safe registered engineer visited their workplace to carry out checks in the last year. Alongside this, 77% are aware that gas appliances need to be checked on an annual basis.

Wayne Martin, engineer for British Gas Business, said:

“It’s important that all small businesses make gas safety as a priority. Some customers don’t always realise the risks of carbon monoxide and gas leaks at work, compared to their home. I’d urge any business to get commercial gasappliances regularly serviced and maintained and to make sure they have an audible carbon monoxide alarm fitted in their workplace.”

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