Online Gambling Has Revitalized New Jersey



The US gambling business has remained fairly rigid over the years, preferring to operate as they did for decades. However, the online fever appears to have finally gotten the best out of the local authorities and New Jersey has been able to reap the benefits of online gambling since it was legalized in the state.

Online gambling seems to be the future of the industry and the success that New Jersey has witnessed since it launched regulated online gambling in November 2013 should spark a new wave across the country. Americans are infatuated with online gambling and the State of New Jersey has successfully taken advantage of this.

Online Gambling means more Revenue

The online gambling platform in New Jersey has raked in big bucks for casino operators and also for the State in form of taxes. Since its inception, online casinos have seen a whopping $536.62 million in total revenue and the State has also collected $93.91 million in taxes.

There is no denying that online gambling has revolutionized New Jersey as a State and particularly Atlantic City. In addition, the economy of New Jersey has been boosted with over 3,300 new jobs directly as a result of online gambling.

It is no wonder, therefore, that one of the biggest players in the American entertainment industry – MGM – is making a move into the realm of online gambling.

Online Gambling Increases Access

It is no secret that more and more Americans are spending a lot of time online. Smartphones are one of the main reasons for that, and since 80 percent of Americans of all ages own one, the popularity of online gambling should not come as a surprise given the number of updated offers in NJ designed to encourage mobile casino play.

More online casinos means that more Americans, who would otherwise not have thought of going to a casino for whatever reason, may be enticed by online gambling

Online Gambling Can Successfully Be Regulated

One of the greatest fears for adopting online gambling has been the misconception that it would be impossible to control. New Jersey has proved that it is not rocket science to successfully regulate online gambling.

Unlike the largely unregulated online gambling arena, New Jersey online gamblers have never reported incidences of being swindled. Moreover, using geo-location technologies, it is virtually impossible for anyone outside of New Jersey to gamble on these sites.

Underage gambling is something that has also not been reported. New Jersey has proved that online gambling can be effectively regulated while raking in millions of tax dollars in the process.

Some are Still Concerned about the Impacts of Online Gambling

However, there have been concerns that online gambling increases the number of Americans addicted to gambling. The increased access and convenience of online gambling has also been linked to an increase in compulsive gambling.

Despite these fears, online gambling appears to be the way to go. The idea that you can place a bet or play blackjack in the comfort of your living room is something that appeals to most gamblers.


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