One million men dumped because of computer game obsessions


More than one million blokes have been dumped by their girlfriends – because of their obsession with computer games, it emerged today.

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Researchers found a willingness to spend hours playing games, such as newly released Call of Duty – Black Ops, regularly sounds the death knell for relationships.

The study also found one in two women whose partners own consoles feel ‘jealous’ of the amount of time their other half devotes to games.

And it also emerged four out of ten gamers play computer games every night of the week.

The stats were revealed in a survey carried out among 1,500 gamers and their partners by market research company

A spokeswoman said: ”It seems like a games console often means there are three people in a relationship.

”It’s a bit sad if the virtual world is taking precedence over the real world.

”These games are brilliant but if they really are becoming an obsession then that’s a bit worrying.”

The study also found the Call of Duty series are the games most likely to cause problems in a relationship along with Football Manager and Grand Theft Auto.

One fifth of men spend ten or more hours-a-week playing games, it emerged.

Eight per cent of men even admitted they had turned down sex to keep playing on their games console.

Seven out of ten blokes admitted their partner regularly became annoyed about the amount of time they spent playing games.

One in ten men admitted they had ditched a date to keep on playing a game with two in ten under 25s saying they have done this.

Other games that caused problems in relationships were Fifa which was ranked fourth and Medal of Honour, which was ranked fifth.

Completing the top ten were Halo, Super Mario Brothers, Gran Turismo, Mario Kart and Guitar Hero.

1. Call of Duty
2. Football Manager
3. Grand Theft Auto
5. Medal of Honour
6. Halo
7. Super Mario Brothers
8. Gran Turismo
9. Mario Kart
10. Guitar Hero
11. Assassins Creed
12. Pro Evo Soccer
13. Resident Evil
14. World of Warcraft
15. F1
16. Red Dead Redemption
17. Need for Speed
18. Fallout
19. Gears of War
20. Angry Birds


  1. It’s simple, girls are jealous because we have discovered something we enjoy being with and don’t have to spend a fortune on to get some entertainment. My xbox will never say ‘I have a headache’ when I want to play. My world of warcraft will never get mad at me and cut me off for two weeks when I make a mistake while playing. I don’t have to guess what my ps3 wants me to do, because if I get it wrong, it will eventually lay out what I need to do to be successful with it.

    All in all, playing a video game machine is a lot more beneficial to my wallet, my sanity, my way of life than a woman ever will be.

    • I bet you spend more money buying games and paying the monthly fee for WoW than my boyfriend spends on me every month, and I am completely happy with him. Not all women want to be doted on hand and foot and not all women require their boyfriend’s to break the bank on them. And guess what? He likes games too, and he plays them in his spare time. The difference is that he fills spare time with games rather than making spare time FROM games for other things. It’s what mature guys who will be successful in life do.

  2. 10 hours? I never understood the problem with this. That’s maybe an hour a day during the week then a two and a half on Saturday and Sunday maybe.

    I’m sure the partner has a similar pass time they spend equal time on. Reading a book, watching shit TV, good TV, watching a film.

    It shouldn’t be an issue and this shouldn’t be news.

    I think it can be a problem with it (or anything) invades your relationship. Like, you stop visiting family, going out together, talking to each other or spend too much money on it you can’t afford a holiday together, etc.

  3. I’m a woman and think women who don’t play games themselves are idiots. My boyfriend and I both play WoW – and it was me who got him into it, as I have been playing 3 years longer than he has, since 2005. Also the title “Top twenty games that annoy women” in this article is inaccurate because I know I am not the only woman who loves computer games. What’s not to love? I don’t understand those whiny bitchy women who demand their boyfriends worship them and buy them stuff and then don’t let their boyfriends have their own hobbies or needs. How do these crazy cows end up getting men begging to marry them? Keep gaming, fellow chicks.

    • There’s nothing wrong with playing games, especially if the woman in the relationship also plays games. The problem is when a guy completely ignores the woman so he can play a game. I once dated a guy who lived about an hour away from me, and I was usually the one who drove out to visit because I liked getting out of town. There were several times that I would make the hour drive on HIS request, and then get ignored for the whole time I was there and have to come home without him having spent any time with me at all because he was too busy playing WOW. Not gonna lie, I hated it, and I eventually dumped him for a number of reasons, that being one of them. So, I guess I am a whiny bitchy woman. Sorry I have a bit of self respect and refuse to come after a fictional world. When a guy is so engrossed in a game that he completely ignores the real world for the fictional one then there is a problem with it. I never expected to take up all of his time, but I didn’t spend that much time with him and it would have been nice if the little bit I did visit I could have spent with him instead of waiting for him to “find a good save point” for five hours. Get off your high horse, bitch.


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