One for the road: Man drinks his way round Britain


Intrepid drinker David Wright has travelled hundreds of miles to film himself opening a bottle of beer at 77 of Britain’s most famous tourist attractions following a drunken dare.

David, 31, was drinking near Clifton Suspension Bridge in Bristol in July last year when a friend filmed him opening a bottle of beer and taking a swig.

Over the next year he filmed himself in front of 77 landmarks including Land’s End, Stonehenge, Edinburgh Castle, the Giant’s Causeway and Buckingham Palace.

Single David, who lives in Clifton, Bristol, and works as a paralegal for a law firm, has now compiled the clips into a three-minute video.

He said: ”It all started off as a bit of a flippant drunken dare at the Clifton Suspension Bridge and everything just snowballed on from there.

”I thought, next weekend let’s try the SS Great Britain in Bristol and then I thought, well there’s Stonehenge, and then it became Land’s End and then London.

”I was really surprised at how many good things there were to visit and I enjoyed every beer that I drank.

”There are some amazing places in the UK and I would recommend that people get out there and enjoy them.”

David’s challenge began in July last year and was completed in May this year after he visited his 77th tourist attraction.

He took a bottle of his favourite beer to each location – usually Corona – before filming himself removing the top with a ‘pop’ sound made by his special opening technique.

Highlights of his trip include Sherwood Forest, the Houses of Parliament, the Gherkin, Scafell Pike, Snowdon, Ben Nevis, the Angel of the North and the Millenium Dome.

Other landmarks he visited were Loch Ness, Marble Arch, Westminster Abbey, John o’Groats, Hadrian’s Wall, Glastonbury Tor, the London Eye and Wembley,

David visited the tourist attractions during his weekends off and estimates that the cost of petrol and train fares was around £1,000.

At the end of his video, which is available on YouTube, David toasts the Magna Carta Monument before the words ”sightsee responsibly” appear on the screen.


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