‘On the tracks of 007’ celebrates 20 years of James Bond location hunting


bondBond fans from around the world gather outside London for a SPECTRE pre-party.

Coinciding with the release of the new Bond film SPECTRE, the world’s longest running website dedicated to 007 will celebrate its 20th anniversary  aswell as launching a re-designed website: ‘On the tracks of 007’ is a travel guide to the James Bond filming locations, online since 1995.

On Sunday Oct 25th the travel destination will be a hotel just outside of London, filled with Bond fans, Bond anecdotes and Bond music.

When James Bond was first introduced in 1962, a worldwide cinema audience entered a world beyond imagination.

Exotic places like Jamaica, Istanbul, Japan, Thailand and the Bahamas became synonyms for 007’s exciting adventures and an important part of the success formula.

Nowadays, cheap international travel makes it possible for everyone to visit these locations and that is exactly what ‘On the tracks of 007′ have encouraged people to do since 1995.

It brings people as close to the locations as you can get, enabling them to relive their favourite James Bond scenes and travel the world within the turn of a page.

“Bond always travels in style. He goes to the most beautiful places and stays in the most luxurious hotels”, explains Mulder.

“That’s what makes these filming locations such amazing holiday destinations.”

“No Bond fan who’s thinking of visiting any of the countries in which 007 has had adventures should be without this indispensable guide!”, Graham Rye, editor and publisher of 007 Magazine, exclaimed on the back cover of the printed version, in 2008.

Many people have followed Rye’s advice. ‘On the tracks of 007’ started something that is every travel agent’s dream. It gave people completely new reasons to travel to these wonderful destinations.

Movie location travelling has since become a hobby of many individuals, friends and families and ‘On the tracks of 007‘contributed enormously to that.

The anniversary will be celebrated in style.

The Pinewood Hotel, on the edge of Black Park, just down the road from the world famous Pinewood Studios, hosts the most spectacular Bond party of the year.

Over a hundred Bond fans from twelve different countries will gather here for dinner and drinks, before the Master of Ceremonies will take the stage: Terry Bamber, who worked on all but one of the James Bond films since 1974.

He will share his behind-the-scenes stories, accompanied by an amazing 13 piece live band, Q The Music – The World’s Leading James Bond Tribute Band.

The band will perform all the James Bond themes, including the latest theme for SPECTRE, The Writing’s on the Wall.

This October, ‘On the tracks of 007’ turns the outskirts of London into a popular short-break destination and the website hopes it will continue to do so in the next 20 years as well.

Therefore, Onthetracksof007.com has been re-designed and will now make it even easier for movie fans worldwide to travel to their favourite places.  For more info, please check out: www.onthetracksof007.com


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