On Average Us Brits Wake Up A Worrying Three Times Per Night


When it comes to sleeping, you might be fooled to think that us Brits are a lazy nation. However, according to a recent study by Tweak Mattress, a worrying three times is how often we wake up per night – which is probably why we’re so tired throughout the day.

The survey found that 11% of people wake up between seven and 10 times throughout the night. The reasons for this vary from back pain (19%), bad dreams and/or nightmares (11%) and anxiety or stress that comes from financial difficulties (6%).

According to Rob Stewart, leading psychologist, “not eating or drinking a lot” can be a method that you can use to boost the level of quality sleep that you have, along with choosing the same time to sleep every night.

Sticking to a regular sleeping pattern has been praised by many sleep analysts and experts with many saying that it is the key to falling asleep faster. It is claimed that sticking to the same bedtime every day helps to reset your body’s internal body clock and improve the quality of rest you’re getting.

When we head to bed and drift off into sleep, there are five rapid eye movement (REM) that our body goes through. The fifth and final stage is where people are more likely to be awoken in the night, although it can be difficult to get back to sleep once you’ve been disturbed.

If you are woken up in the night – whether it’s due to your partner’s excessive snoring or some form of noise – having a peaceful sleeping environment will reduce the chances of you staying up all night suffering with insomnia.

According to The National Sleep Foundation, typical adult between the age of 26 and 64 should be receiving between seven and nine hours sleep per night.


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