Officials slammed over plans to battle foreign species found in a lake… by killing EVERY fish


The Environment Agency has sparked outrage over plans to battle an invasive species found in a lake – by killing EVERY other fish.

Officials are taking drastic action after finding Topmouth gudgeon  – which carries a parasite harmful to native stocks.

Environment officials are tackling the problem by pouring poison Rotetone into the water at Wildwood’s lake and Cuffley Brook, in North London.

The poison will kill all the fish in the lake and rivers, which will then be restocked with only native species.

But one angler said: “It just beggars belief. If someone pollutes the river at all, you can be up in court – so it makes no sense whatsoever.”

An Environment Agency spokesman said: “Culling all the fish is the only real guarantee that the topmouth gudgeon can be removed completely.”


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