Oddball tramp who sleeps in HOT ASHES dubbed Europe’s dirtiest person


This homeless man has been dubbed Europe’s dirtiest person – because he sleeps buried in a pile of HOT ASH.

Ludvik Dolezal, 58, burns whatever he finds to create the dirty pile before crawling into it to sleep.

He has even burnt his MATTRESS and DUVET in order to achieve the perfect mound of firey remains.

Ludvik Dolezal, 58, sleeps in hot ashes and has been dubbed Europe's dirtiest person
Ludvik Dolezal, 58, sleeps in hot ashes and has been dubbed Europe’s dirtiest person

Ludvik, who passers-by often refer to as a devil from fairytales, said: “One day I simply decided to quit my job, that was a years ago. Since then I’ve staying here with the fire.

“Every night I lie down with hot ash in my clothes and cover myself over to keep myself warm. I look like hell then.

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“I had everything, jacket, boots, mattresses and even a duvet. But I burnt everything. There was nothing else to keep the fire going.

“People help me, they bring some old tyres here for example and I burn it.

Ludvik under the bridge where he burns things to keep warm
Ludvik in the disused farmhouse where he burns things to keep warm
Passers-by have dubbed Ludvik a devil from a fairy tale
Passers-by have dubbed Ludvik a devil from a fairy tale

“I keep fire all the day and at the evening at 19:30 I go to sleep.”

Ludvik, who has taken up residence in an old abandoned farmhouse, is said to suffer from a psychological disorder which makes him want to share his life with fire and ash.

Despite the freezing cold winters of his home town, Novy Bydzov, in the Czech Republic, he wears just a fleece – which is dyed black from the smoke.

“I mostly burn wood from bushes that grow around,” he added.

“But it has to be dry to glow. When I don’t have enough of it I grab an axe and cut boards from surrounding sheds.

“I burn even rubber, that’s not a problem. And if I have foam from a mattress I’ll throw it on there as well.

“The tyres are very good, they make a good heat. But smoke as well, then I need to go out for a while.

“I’ve got breathing problems constantly. But even though I smoke cigarettes all the time. I finish one packet a day, they help me, I breathe better when I smoke.”

Ludvik is given the equivalent of £81 a month in benefits from the Czech Government, but officials are careful not to give him the whole amount at once in case he burns that too.

Instead they give it to local shop where Ludvik goes every day for food.

He is allowed to buy things for 100 Czech crowns, £3, to give him everything he needs.


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