Nuro Launches Secure Enterprise Group Messaging Platform


nuroNuro Secure Messaging, the secure group messaging platform for enterprise, government and the armed forces, today announced the introduction of the Nuro Secure Messaging enterprise messaging platform in the UK. Developed by a team of highly experienced mobile and security entrepreneurs, Nuro is the first work chat productivity and collaboration platform purposely built to eliminate enterprise group messaging risks, helping IT departments to safeguard privacy, prevent data leakage and assure security compliance.

For institutions with legacy messaging platforms or who have no messaging platform at all, group chats between colleagues/team members within the workplace and external third parties are a major privacy and compliance risk. A study by Nielsen group found that of the 97% who use some form of team messaging in the workplace, 75% send important and confidential work-related documents, while 21% admit to sending work related commercial information to friends outside the workplace.

Nuro addresses enterprise security challenges concerning group-messaging and collaboration apps by giving them full ownership of the data exchanged. This means the privacy of sensitive or confidential information is assured and can be audited for compliance purposes at a later stage.

Nuro is the only secure group-messaging platform to draw on IBM Watson cognitive computing technology to ensure breaches are detected in a timely fashion.

“The BYOD phenomenon has increasingly blurred the lines of mobile device usage to the extent where employees are using messaging apps that are well below business standards and totally at odds with the security requirements of IT departments,” said Mike Foreman, Nuro’s Managing Director, Europe. “Our secure collaboration and group messaging platform solves this headache by blending consumer app-type functionality with centralised IT administration and enterprise-class security.”

User benefits

  • Enhances productivity – gives users a familiar group chat environment for enhanced productivity and collaboration with the added benefit of knowing conversations are secure and private
  • Simple to use – users simply download the Nuro Secure Messaging App directly from Apple Store or Google Play and access with their own personal private login

Enterprise benefits

  • Safeguards privacy – every chat or group chat has its own secure, encrypted channel and outside third parties are only able to follow conversations they have been invited to contribute to, thereby ensuring privacy is maintained at all times
  • Prevents data Leakage – by providing secure, advanced encryption of data at the endpoint, in transit via HTTPS and at rest in the organisation’s central database
  • Security compliance assured – records of conversations are stored on a secure, searchable central database that acts as a virtual safe

IT administration benefits

  • Flexible deployment – available as Software-as-a-Service (SaaS), on-premise or hybrid formats
  • Centralised management – provides IT operators with centralised admin console for management of such issues as policy-setting or role-based permissions as well as integration with other enterprise systems, database activity monitoring and message push notification services
  • Cognitive security – compliance event analysis using cognitive language pattern recognition technology powered by the IBM Watson AI engine

Nuro is accessible via any Internet-connected device from smartphones to tablets, laptops or workstations by simply logging in to the network or via the Nuro website.

Nuro Secure Messaging is designed to help improve the security posture of businesses of all sizes. It is especially useful for departments such as HR, finance and R&D where commercial confidentiality and regulatory compliance is paramount.

Pricing and Availability

Nuro Secure Messaging is available immediately. Pricing is free for up to 15 users and then from £59 / month for 100 user site licences.


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