The interior of the bunker exactly how it was left by soldiers of the Rotal Observer Corps. See SWNS story SWBUNKER: A survivalist is hoping to outlast the end of the world with his new purchase – an ARMAGEDDON BUNKER. The underground shelter was built in 1958 by the United Kingdom Warning and Monitoring Organisation to protect key personnel in the event of nuclear war, and comes with its own AIR SUPPLY. The shelter was snapped up for a meagre £15,000 when farmer Matthew Bramall decided he didn’t need a nuclear bunker any more. Matthew, 58, has lived on the farm in Wadhurst, East Sussex, his entire life, and was only three when the MoD began construction on the subterranean structure. He said: “I wouldn’t want to live there – even if it meant surviving the apocalypse. “You’d just be stuck in the ground.

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