Notorious pensioner jailed for attacking couple


The oldest person in Britain ever to be given an ASBO was jailed today – after he attacked a couple at a village fete.

Notorious Frederick Amery, 75, has 21 convictions for assault or battery in the last six years alone.

Amery’s list of crimes includes slapping a bank worker, elbowing three people who were ”in his way” and poking a child in the chest.

He became the oldest person in Britain to receive an Anti Social Behaviour Order in 2009 for assaulting a teenager and urinating in a shop.

Amery, of Newton Abbott, Devon, has now been sent to prison after he broke the terms of his ASBO by attacking a couple at a village fete.

He tried to help himself to fruit and vegetables from a stall but when they stopped him he lashed out and slapped them.

Amery pleaded guilty at Torbay Magistrates Court to the double assault in August and was jailed for 70 days.

Shaun Lipton, prosecuting, said: ”His record speaks for itself. Since 2004 he has 21 convictions for matters of assault

”The defendant attended the annual village show and removed some items from the veggie deli stall.

”The stall proprietor asked another for assistance but the defendant then attempted to strike her.

”She however, saw it coming and blocked the punch which caused the defendant to fall to the ground.

”Mr Amery was escorted from the show, but then struck a man in the face. This behaviour puts him in direct breach of his Asbo.”

Mervyn Williams, defending, said his Amery had a tendency ”to strike out when he doesn’t get his own way”.

He said: ”He used to live in a property with is mum until she died and he has carried on there. He’s seen mental health practitioners and they have said they can’t do anything.”

The previous record for Britain’s oldest ASBO was given to Claude Kramer, 71, of Pontefract, West Yorkshire – who was served the order for drunken violence.


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