Notorious kennel owner condemned after pedigree dog is found hanged


A scandal hit kennel owner has been condemned again after a pedigree pet golden retriever left in her care — was found HANGED.

Notorious kennel owner condemned after pedigree dog is found hanged

Award-winning Jessica Valpied, 26, once pretended a millionaire surgeon’s dog had escaped when it had actually savaged to death by two bull terriers at her pet care centre.

She was fined by a court in 2008 for secretly burying the bloodied remains of the border collie savaged in her care.

But another customer hit out after her cherished golden retriever was gruesomely strangled while being ‘cared’ for by staff at 24-7 Petcare.

The five-year-old dog had been secured with a wire grooming noose around its neck – which was attached to the wall – before being placed on a raised table to hold it in place.

But the beloved pet was then left unattended and is thought to have died an agonising death after throttling itself whilst desperately trying to escape the noose.

The owner, who wishes to remain anonymous, said Valpied was only able to use her ”archaic” grooming methods due to a lack of animal welfare regulations on the Channel Island of Guernsey.

She said: ”My dog was groomed with a wire noose around its neck, which I consider to be both archaic and astonishing.

”I had no idea she used these methods. If I did, I would never have allowed my dog to be groomed there.

”My dog was delightful, but he was rather timid and frightened of being groomed. I used to call him a big wuss.

”They put him on a table and left him there, so naturally he tried to break free and that is how he was strangled. It was devastating.”

The animal was being groomed by Claire Lofts, 22, who was filling in for Miss Valpied, who was on maternity leave.

Miss Lofts, who is in the final stage of her City & Guilds dog grooming, tied the dog to a hook on the inside of the van by the lead, before leaving it unattended.

She returned minutes later to discover the dog lying unconscious on the van floor. A vet confirmed the animal had died of strangulation.

The owner says she is too distraught to press charges against the pet centre but details have emerged after the National Association of Registered Pet Sitters was asked to investigate.

Notorious kennel owner condemned after pedigree dog is found hanged

Chairman Robin Taylor said the organisation had received 10 phone calls from concerned members of the public about the incident on 23 December.

He said: ”I’ve been in touch with the owner who is distraught – she’s been in tears. It’s horrendous. There’s nothing we can do but it makes us extremely angry.

”She should be shut down by the RSPCA and be facing a prison sentence. The fact that the centre is still operating is outrageous – it’s like living in medieval times.”

A vets’ report concluded that the dog had died of strangulation after it collapsed in the grooming van at St Peter Port, Guernsey.

Miss Valpied said she was ”deeply saddened” by the incident as she knew the owner and the dog well.

She said: ”I’ve been caring for the dog for more than five years – it was part of my family. We’ve got family photos when he’s been with us – I’ll miss taking him for walks.

”The owner knows I am as upset as she is. If the report says we need to change something in the van we’ll change it.

”If it indicates any malpractice we’ll have to see how the owner wishes to proceed.”

Valpied was previously fined £400 after pleaded guilty to a charge of stealing the carcass of a dog in 2008.

She buried border collie Arte, who belonged to one of the world’s top surgeons Dr Michael Van Den Bossche, 48, in a field and pretended he had escaped, when in fact been mauled to death by two other dogs in her care.

Valpied then swore employees at 24-7 Petcare to secrecy and forced them to pretend to search for the dog by walking around the area calling Arte’s name and whistling.


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