Northampton bar bans doubles to stop binge drinking


A bar has banned double shots of alcoholic spirits from being served at weekends in a bid to clamp down on binge drinking.

NB’s bar in Northampton has voluntarily stopped serving double measures of spirits such as Jagermeister, sambuca and Aftershock on Friday and Saturday nights.

The move has been welcomed by drinking groups who say stopping revellers downing 50ml measures of 40per cent proof alcohol will help prevent anti-social behaviour.

Terry Pearson, alcohol strategy co-ordinator at Northamptonshire Drug and Alcohol Action Team (DAAT) said: “Speed drinking such as offering cheap shots of alcohol and offering nowhere to sit down as some clubs do, makes people feel pressurised.

“People have a few shots and before they know it they can’t walk straight.

“Anything that makes people slow down their drinking is to be welcomed.”

The new policy comes ahead of expected legislation by the Government which would restrict the promotion of drinks to reduce drink-related crime and injury.

Neil Bartholomey, owner of The Abington pub and chair of Northampton Pubwatch safety scheme, welcomed the move by NB, which is advertised on notices in its window.

He said: “Having four gin and tonics is not the same effect as having two double sambucas and the effect on people’s behaviour is different too.

“The speed at which people consume alcohol can be as important as the volume.”

Councillor Paul Varnsverry, Northampton Borough Council’s, cabinet member for licensing, welcomed the ”positive step towards encouraging responsible drinking”.

He added: “There is a small minority who drink too much and not only ruin their evening but can spoil it for others too.”


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