No Way!!! Wayne’s World characters spotted on Google Street View – revealed


These are the two friends who were caught on Google Street View dressed as characters – from Wayne’s World.

Pals Jonah Davies, 27, and Rich Pearce, 24, were walking to a fancy dress party when they were photographed by a Google camera car.

They were captured strolling along the pavement wearing wigs and costumes to look like Wayne and Garth from the hit 1992 film.

Graphic designer Jonah, 27, and barman Rich, 24, said they were ‘stunned’ when the photo appeared on the net.

Jonah said: ”We noticed the Google mapping vehicle and thought our picture might have been taken. We’re both huge fans of Wayne’s World.”

Rich added: ”We’ve been going around shops trying to get a celebrity discount, but so far without any luck.”

The picture was taken when the Google camera was documenting the streets of Plymouth, Devon, in May last year.

Rich donned a black wig and ice hockey shirt to look like Wayne and Jonah wore blond locks to dress like Garth.

Jonah suspected they had been caught on camera and checked the Street View pictures when they were uploaded by Google around six months later.

Wayne’s World was set in Aurora, Illinois, and starred Mike Myers and Dana Carvey as Wayne Campbell and Garth Algar.

The film centres around two heavy metal fans who broadcast a cable-access television show from the basement of Wayne’s home.


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