No charges for company which provided tasers fired at Raoul Moat


The security company which supplied the long range tasers fired at killer Raoul Moat will not face charges after its director, Peter Boatman, committed suicide.

Mr Boatman, 57, was found dead on October 1 just three days after his company’s license was removed by Home Secretary Theresa May.

The former police inspector left the force to become become a partner in Pro-Tect Systems which supplied four experimental X-12 tasers to police who cornered Moat.

It is believed Peter committed suicide because losing the lucrative Government contract meant the collapse of the business he shared with wife Stephanie.

Today Operations Superintendent Sean Bell, of Northamptonshire Police, revealed no charges will be levelled against Pro-Tect Systems.

He said: ”Northamptonshire Police have concluded their investigation into the supply of X12 Taser guns and XREP ammunitions by Daventry-based Pro-Tect Systems Limited.

”The investigation identified that offences against the Firearms Act 1968 had been committed.

”However, taking into account all of the available evidence, including the recent tragic death of Operations Director Peter Boatman, we have concluded that it is not in the public interest to take any action against Pro-Tect Systems Limited and the investigation has now been closed.”

Five police vans attended father-of-two Peter’s home in Kingsthorpe, Northampton, on October 1 after he took his own life.

Peter worked as an inspector for Northamptonshire Police before leaving the force in 2002 to become a 50 per cent partner in Pro-Tect Systems.

His company gained a lucrative Government contract making him the only legal supplier of tasers in Britain – selling over 4,000 stun-guns to police and military forces.

But the license was revoked on September 28 after it emerged that Peter’s company gave four X-12 tasers to Northamptonshire Police after officers cornered Moat in July.

The stun-guns, which fire a lightweight shell over long range, were being trialled by Home Office scientists and had yet to be formally approved for use.

It is believed Peter may have handed the guns to former colleagues from Northamptonshire Police in order to help them take Moat alive.


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