Nine-Year-Old Who Took Up Kickboxing Two Years Ago After Being Bullied – Becomes A TRIPLE World Champion

8 year old kickboxing star Kiya Williams
8 year old kickboxing star Kiya Williams
8 year old kickboxing star Kiya Williams

A nine-year-old girl who took up kickboxing just two years ago to fight back against playground bullies has become a TRIPLE world champion.

Talented Kiya Williams has just returned from Sicily where she landed the three titles in the World United Martial Arts world championships.

Kiya’s success caps a remarkable year for the youngster who only started to learn kick-boxing in 2014 at the Byrne Black Belt Academy to try to boost her confidence.

In addition to the world titles she has also won three British championships, two Kwon grand slam titles and the Bristol Open title this year.

Kiya Williams, Redruth 6Her mother Rebecca Hunter, 44, said: “We are super proud of how far she has come in two years of training.

“She is now confident and can now stand up to anyone without fear. This year she has achieved so much.”

Despite her successes it hasn’t always been plain sailing for Kiya from Redruth, Cornwall.

Rebecca added: “Kiya is at Treleigh CP School now which is great but she had problems with bullies at her previous school.

“So two years ago we took her to the kickboxing class to try and boost her confidence.

“She excelled from the word go and now goes four or five times a week. Straight away she was performing high kicks and other complex manoeuvres.

“Her confidence has gone through the roof and we very much doubt that she’ll ever have problems with bullies again.

“In fact, if anything the other children seem to be a bit scared of her.

“She absolutely loves it and we are so proud of her success.”

swns_kick_boxing_01Rebecca said she fully expects her daughter to get even better and Kiya has even won fights against boys who are older than her.

She said: “Her success is all down to Master Ed Byrne at the Byrne black belt academy and all the fantastic instructors,and of course Kiya.

“She trains hard and her motto is ‘train hard fight easy’. She has the dedication and determination to succeed.

“The support of Treleigh School has been amazing and she is one very happy little girl.

“All she needs now is a sponsor to help her to reach her future goals.”


  1. Thankyou my Daughters really done well this year and Sicily topped it off nicely, both her dad and I are extremely proud, she trains hard and enjoys every minute.Shes a natural that just progresses every day and there’s no stopping what she could achieve.There are not enough girls in the sport and many drop out at the teenager come adult stage so will have to be Kiyas choice when that time comes , knowing her she will stick with it but may possibly try new things along the way, who Knows it’ll all be her own decision
    Proud parents
    Steve and Becky x


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