Newsreader confuses washed up dead cow with polar bear


A TV newsreader was not amoosed today after reporting a POLAR BEAR had washed up on a British beach – which turned out to be a COW.

Naomi Lloyd told viewers the polar bear – normally found in the Arctic circle – was lying on a beach in Bude, Cornwall.

The ”extraordinary” news of the stranded beast was broadcast to millions of viewers in Devon and Cornwall on ITV’s West Country bulletin at 7.55am this morning.

It appeared alongside video footage shot by a viewer from a cliff top of a large white animal lying on the shore.

Naomi told viewers: ”A walker in Cornwall has caught an extraordinary sight on camera. A polar bear has washed up on a beach near Bude.

”The bear comes from the Arctic Circle and an investigation is under way as to how it could have ended up there.”

But officials who went to investigate discovered the animal was a cow – whose skin had been bleached white by the sea water.

Several dog walkers and ramblers in the resort had woken up to see the large white animal slumped on the shore.

They feared it was a polar bear washed several thousand miles from the North Pole and immediately rang the local TV station.

A spokesman for ITV West Country said they had dropped the article after its morning bulletin when they discovered the animal was a cow.

He said: ”It was a bit embarrassing. When we realised what it was we pulled the slot straight away.”

Several local people who took photos and video of the animal rang the British Divers Marine Life Rescue (BDMLR) service.

A spokesman said: ”The animal caused quiet a stir in Bude. Several people had seen the animal from a cliff top and thought it was a polar bear.

”It’s size and colour and its lying position on the beach did make it look like a polar bear and we had several calls.

”But on closer inspection we discovered it was a cow. The tides was very strong and it did bring several dead animals in along that stretch of coast.”

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