Newlyweds touched when air attendants hold special ceremony mid-flight to celebrate their marriage

Brandon and Jasmine on their honeymoon in Orlando.

A newlywed couple walked down the aisle for a second time – during a ceremony hosted on the flight home from their honeymoon.

High school sweethearts Brandon and Jasmine Fast exchanged vows at around 35,000ft in a bizarre spectacle watched by hundreds of passengers.

The husband and wife were flying from Austin, Texas, to Portland, Oregon, when a shock announcement beckoned them to the front of the Southwest Airlines plane.

They were wearing matching ‘just married’ t-shirts on the connecting flight home from their seven day honeymoon at Disney World in Orlando, Florida.

Brandon and Jasmine on their wedding day.

Brandon, 24, and Jasmine, 23, had tied the knot officially in a ceremony on a friend’s farm in Estacada, Oregon, on July 1 after six years together.

After making their way to the front of the aircraft, flight attendants adorned them with crowns crafted from pretzel wrappers and toilet paper sashes.

Digital marketer Brandon, of Newberg, Oregon, said the impromptu ceremony on July 11 was one of the most memorable parts of the couple’s honeymoon.

Brandon said: “We never expected anything like this to happen.

“We were probably half an hour away from landing when we heard the announcement over the intercom from the flight attendant.

“I was asleep and Jasmine was doing her Sudoku.

“It said something like, ‘We have a very special announcement to make. There’s a newlywed couple flying with us today and we’d like to bring them up to the front for a ceremony.’

Brandon and Jasmine pictured with their pilot.

“We made our way up to the front of the plane and they placed a crown made of pretzel snack wrappings on Jasmine’s head and an inventive sash made of toilet paper.

“We walked down the airplane aisle to some celebration music. It was definitely different and spur of the moment.

“The whole thing was so memorable and was definitely a highlight of our honeymoon.”

The couple were surprised when they were gifted with a bag containing paper napkins upon which passengers had scrawled relationship advice.

Jasmine, a manager, said: “We hear so much about the world being a bad place but time after time we were shown love from complete strangers.

“I felt touched that strangers were willing to take time to give us genuine advice.”

Brandon added: “The best part of the ceremony was when we were given a napkin from every single passenger on the plane and they all shared some life advice.

“They had written things like ‘Don’t sweat the small stuff’ and ‘Communication is key’.”

Leila Doolittle, 29, who captured the special footage, said the ceremony gave every passenger a little lift.

Jasmine and Brandon wore Just Married t-shirts on the plane.
Brandon and Jasmine received kind hearted notes from fellow passengers.

Leila, a doctor, from Dallas, Texas said: “It was so special and so beautiful.

“It inspired me so much and was such a great thing for Southwest Airlines to do for them.

“It showed everyone on the plane there is such good in people and that there is love out there.”

A spokesperson for Southwest Airlines said: “Southwest loves sharing special moments with customers and we encourage our employees to look for fun ways to celebrate milestones with our customers.

“We sincerely appreciate this Southwest Flight Attendant Team demonstrating their fun-loving spirits and the legendary Southwest Hospitality.”


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