New website poised to improve shopping experience for native groceries


Purchasing Asian and Afro-Caribbean and other native groceries is set to get a lot easier with the upcoming launch of the new website,

For many individuals, shopping for ethnic groceries is a lot harder than shopping at regular supermarkets. They have to contend with traffic congestion, poor weather, long queues and parking issues and often waste valuable time just to get the items they need. is an online marketplace for purchasing native groceries, food takeaways, bakery products and Indian sweets. The website offers hassle-free shopping for Indian, Chinese, Afro-Caribbean, Middle-Eastern and Eastern European foods. Users can browse the website and shop from their favourite local native grocery shop and have the items delivered directly to their doorstep. is the brainchild of Vinoth Thiyagarajan a technical business and systems analyst from Croydon. Thiyagarajan boasts a wealth of experience in designing IT solutions that improve efficiency and productivity for several businesses across the UK. So, when he continued to experience difficulty shopping for native foods, coming up with a solution was a natural as doing his day job.

He said: “I always wanted to shop from the small grocery shops in my neighbourhood which offers better choices for native foods than the big supermarkets. But, due to my busy work schedule and parking problems it was always difficult to shop at these stores. Hence, I created this platform to help others like me to shop at their favourite store anytime & anywhere while saving time and money.”

Users can access SpiceMint’s services through the website or by downloading the free app in the Apple store or Google play store.

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