New SurPASS™ 3 for surface charge analysis


surpassAnton Paar launches SurPASS™3 – another milestone in surface charge analysis.

SurPASS™3 determines the zeta potential at the surface of a macroscopic solid in contact with an aqueous solution.

The compact instrument design with plug-in sample holders gives easy access to material surface charge to everyone – from scientists in academia to technicians in industrial labs.

With SurPASS™3, Anton Paar has achieved another milestone in the company’s efforts to commercialize the surface zeta potential method for material characterization.

The compact design of SurPASS™3 is one of the most obvious improvements.

Within this instrument Anton Paar combines a proprietary method for liquid transport with a higher time resolution for collecting measuring data.

This enables a better sensitivity for the zeta potential analysis at a significantly shorter measuring time.

For the first time, SurPASS™3 offers the determination of the isoelectric point at a single click. Mounting sample holders was never that easy.

The measuring cell in use is automatically detected by the SurPASS™3 software.

With the extension to higher applicable pressure SurPASS™3 opens up new applications in the fields of membranes, biomaterials or semiconductors.


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