New Shell TAT approved flange isolation product launched by James Walker



New product – new flange isolation standards

A new Shell TAT approved product from James Walker is set to bring new standards of flange isolation to critical applications in the oil, gas and other processing industries.

Isolation gaskets are by their very nature a compromised product as they try to fulfil both sealing and isolating roles at a wide range of pressures and temperatures.

However, by successfully optimising each component of its Insolion® flange isolation kit, James Walker has produced an isolation gasket with the widest possible performance envelope.

Using the best possible materials and optimising component design plus careful consideration of the positioning of the sealing element allows a single gasket design to be specified for plant-wide use across the majority of flange specifications including ANSI, API, ASME, EN, BS, ISO and DIN, saving on inventory costs and simplifying maintenance regimes.

The design of the InsoLion® gasket and location of the spring-energised sealing element ensures that the product will seal all major flange types including RTJ (ring type joint), raised face and even instances where mismatched flanges occur.

In pre-launch testing on an Amtec TEMES fl.ai1 test rig, Insolion® achieved outstanding fugitive emissions levels of just 4.3 E -13 Pa.mᶟ/s/mm, significantly lower than the parameters of Shell Tightness Class A.

Shell MESC standard

Specifically designed from the outset to meet the industry’s most stringent requirements, Insolion® has been tested and obtained Shell TAT approval to the requirements of both MESC. SPE. 85/300 3.3.2 Sep 2012 Class A for fugitive emissions and MESC SPE 85/300 3.3.5 requirements under the Hot Operational Tightness test (HOTT).

Insolion® incorporates a U-shaped PTFE sealing element that has been optimised using finite element analysis (FEA) and is energised by a Phynox® spring.

This combination provides almost unlimited media compatibility for critical and very critical service applications.

Insolion® is more than a gasket; it is a complete flange isolation kit, including bolt sleeves and isolation washers.

The gasket faces, bolt sleeves and washers are supplied in high performance G11 glass reinforced epoxy as standard, specifically chosen because it retains its physical properties more effectively at elevated temperatures compared with G10 GRE alternatives.

Full details of Insolion® construction and the results of product testing can be obtained through your local James Walker Company or found on the company website at


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