New research shows lack of education around Disaster Recovery in Yorkshire


The Cloud Computing experts, virtualDCS conducted independent research over two days at the Buy Yorkshire conference in Leeds, West Yorkshire.


Focussing on existing business continuity plans and practices the delegates at the event were invited to complete an anonymous survey, with the goal of analysing business attitudes to data protection.


The results uncovered that although the majority of businesses (65%) did in fact have a Disaster Recovery plan in place, there was a clear lack of education around the subject of data protection, with 43% of these businesses happy to lose over 24 hours of data at any time.


Due to the delegate breakdown of the event, it was initially assumed that this was down to the majority of participants being small traders or start-ups. However, on further inspection there was actually a balanced divide between business sizes and habits, suggesting that it was an overall regional issue. For example, one business in particular had a turnover of over £10 million and had never backed up any business data.

In total, 104 participants from businesses of different sizes took part in the study, with information compressed into an infographic.


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