New range of posh four poster beds costing £1,500 launched for dogs


A new range of posh four poster beds costing up to £1,500 has been launched – for DOGS.

The luxury beds are designed for owners who are tired of sharing their beds with pampered pooches.

The line has been launched by the Cornish Bed Company and features a unique selection of handmade vintage-style metal dog beds.swns_four_poster_02But a fine night’s sleep for the canine comes at a cost and the beds have price tags starting at £895 and costing up to £1,500.

The idea initially came about after the factory in Par decided to make a miniature version of its beds to show its customers how they were constructed.

Spokesman Garry Smith said: “People loved it and wanted to order them for their pets, so we developed the dog bed range as a result.

“The dog beds are made using exactly the same methods and materials as our human-sized beds.

“All are made to order, so it really is possible for us to make a brass, iron or nickel dog bed to the perfect size of your pet, whether it’s for a Jack Russell or Great Dane.”swns_four_poster_01Any style is available on request, including four poster and day beds.

The beds include an upholstered base made from wood and coconut fibres and can be personalised for each lucky pooch.

The company has also launched a handy guide with some tips on the sort of bed sizes customers should be looking for depending on their breed.

They recommend that for a small dog, such as a terrier, a bed measuring 90 x 50 cm would be suitable while larger breeds could go up to 140 x 90cm in size.


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