New photographs of Rihanna’s injuries after Chris Brown assault leaked online


Horrific new pictures of the injuries suffered by Rihanna at the hands of her ex-boyfriend Chris Brown have appeared online.

New photographs of Rihanna’s injuries after Chris Brown assault leaked online

They show the in full light the brutal injuries suffered by the pop star, including bruising and swelling to her eyes and cheeks and her top lip split almost to the bone.

The photos come just a few days after a judge relaxed the restraining order imposed on Brown.

The singer had been previously been ordered to stay at least 50 yards away from Rihanna or 10 yards at entertainment industry functions after he admitted assaulting her in 2009.

He is now allowed to approach and even talk to the R’n’B star as long as he does not annoy or harass her.

Brown was just 19 when he attacked then-21-year-old Rihanna the night before the 2009 Grammy awards after the pair argued while sat in a parked Lamborghini.

According to police reports he punched, bit and threatened to kill the S&M singer.

Brown was also sentenced to five years probation, 1,400 hours of community service and forced to undergo a 52-week domestic violence counselling course.

Shortly after the attack a picture was published on gossip site TMZ showing Rihanna’s injuries.

View the shocking new pictures here


  1. anybody who posts these new pictures are just as bad as chris for doing it. you are beating her up all over again. let it go. the images are old and so is this issue.

  2. This is a whole lot of BS. It was such a long time ago that it has been written in the press recently that even Rihanna and the judge themselves felt it suitable CB’s order to be lifted. This act of ‘leaking’ these new pictures was malicious and clearly planned as he is launching the release of his new album (and all singles so far have been massively succesful) someone(s) somewhere in the industry are out to destroy this man’s career. Personally I feel it is fuelled by the illuminati conspiracy or not.
    but think – Chris B was baught up watching his mum experience a violent relationship – why would he ever wish that on his loved one it doesnt make sense. Rihanna has strongly and much more recently become a darker character – If Chris Brown had challenged any ideas of illuminati – was it not in their power to destroy him for not accepting their offer to him??


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