New online lighting design service for the self-build market


kitchenA new lighting design service by Luxplan offers a new online lighting design service specifically aimed at the new-build and self-build market.

Self-builders who are fearful of high lighting design fees and costly products can now get cutting edge lighting design schemes drawn up within a matter of days with full plans, specifications and details of products and suppliers, ready to pass on to their electrician.

The brain child of lighting design director Claire Pendarves, Luxplan marks up architectural plans with full positions, circuits and product details.

“Self-builders are already creative and visionary people but they don’t necessarily have the technical lighting ‘know how’ of how to compile a lighting design scheme or about the actual products themselves.

Our aim is to create beautiful, atmospheric lighting schemes which won’t break the bank and are also easy to comprehend and translate into the finished design.”

This new service, which is also attractive to architects and developers, incorporates the physical layout of the lighting as well as providing invaluable specialist product knowledge and information that would not be readily available on the internet.

“We know the cost-effective lighting products that work” says Claire “but you probably wouldn’t be aware of many of them unless you were a professional lighting designer.

Our clients not only benefit from our experience in this field but are also furnished with full transparent details of where they can acquire these products which gives them the freedom to buy direct from suppliers on their own best terms.

It’s a relatively simple service – we design beautiful lighting, we pass it over and our clients buy the products and implement the design.  Simple.”

Luxplan design service starts as £195 plus VAT for a one bedroom flat rising to £385 plus VAT for a standard five bedroom house.


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