New novel touches world developments with startling accuracy


Author of thriller novels, Real Laplaine, has just seen the international publication of his newest book, Twilight Visitor.

It is a global thriller with a compelling contemporary and all too plausible and terrifying plot. The book encompasses two stories which come together as one, and all in a 24 hour period. An energy-desperate China invades Iran to take its oil fields.

Pressed to the wall, Iran ultimately retaliates by firing a nuclear warhead on Beijing. During this same period a bio-engineer from Scandinavia, vacationing on the shores of his Portuguese hometown, where he hopes to get a grip on his dysfunctional personal life, encounters a mystery woman; she reveals to him that the world is about to be capitulated into nuclear war and that he alone can stop it.

”The story races along with pace of a Tom Clancy thriller but the depth of the plot is rich in complexities philosophical ideas,’ according to

”Laplaine has a good descriptive style that never interferes with the flow of the narrative as he builds highly credible scenarios that give the reader a true feeling that this is all too close for comfort. Highly recommended for readers who like fast paced thrillers but with an ingenious twist.”


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