New directory website Jeneeva promises FREE ads across the UK

The Jeneeva directory listing site for free ads in the UK

The new directory website has launched with a pledge to host FREE ads for businesses and organisations across the UK. is a community focused website designed to provide free advertising showcase small and medium sized enterprise, community groups, educational opportunities, and health and wellbeing services locally, regionally and nationally.

Unlike other large directory and classifieds sites, Jeneeva does not charge businesses to place their ads online.

The Jeneeva directory listing site for free ads in the UK
The Jeneeva directory listing site for free ads in the UK

The site includes ten categories: Music, Leisure, Services, Food & Drink, Shopping, Travel, Launch Pad, Community/Interest Groups, Training and Education and Health & Wellbeing. Within each category is a host of sub-categories allowing users to upload content to the relevant section.

A spokesman said the site aims to be ‘jam’ packed with the best ads and content from across the UK.

‘Jeeneva aims to provide users with a visually appealing browsing experience due to the range of multimedia functions to each uploaded advert,’ they added.

‘The purpose of the website is to showcase the diversity of local businesses and community groups and to provide consumers greater choice and diversity to the goods and services we purchase.

‘It’s good news for everybody, as there’s no middle man controlling the style/content of uploaded adverts which hands the control of showcasing local enterprise over to individuals, groups and a range of organisations within our local community.

Janeeva adverts provide a digital snapshot of the local enterprise/community group. All adverts can be printed and emailed, and include essential contact details, links to other websites, video capabilities, Google maps locations, social media sharing and voice-over- IP calls and video.



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