Collect pic of Sqn Leader, Geoffrey ‘Butch’ Butcher who ‘liberated’ a pair of carved cat book ends from one of Hermann Göring’s mansions during WWII. See SWNS story SWCATS; These two life-sized cats look distinctly sinister, just like the man believed to have been their owner – Hitler’s Luftwaffe commander Hermann Goering. The Nazi leader who founded the Gestapo reputedly used the pair of carved oak cats as book-ends for leather-bound volumes including the Fuhrer’s Mein Kampf. But the two malevolent moggies were “liberated” by Squadron Leader Geoffrey “Butch” Butcher after the British Army seized the Luftwaffe air base at Jever in Germany in 1945 and it was taken over by the RAF. Following the war, the CO of No 6 Air School brought the “trophy” cats back to England, and now they’re expected to fetch £600 to £800 when they go under the hammer at auction.

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