Native ad service discovers social media secret to sending content viral

Native Ad Buzz combines content with stats from social media shares
Native Ad Buzz combines content with stats from social media shares

A new marketing service promises to send content viral – by combining native ads with powerful stats from social media shares.

Native Ad Buzz backs the growing view that traditional banner adverts are becoming less effective – while regular marketing campaigns are ‘hit and miss’.

The U.S. based company has now uncovered a ‘potent formula’ that increases engagement by tracking social media shares against ad campaign spend, which allows content to be adjusted according to performance.

They claim it is the only platform available worldwide that allows marketers to analyse the social impact of native advertising campaigns.

Native Ad Buzz co-founder Peter Trueman said that the benefit of this approach means companies can accurately tailor content towards what is currently trending online.

He said: ‘Rather than the hit and miss approach of most marketing, Native Ad Buzz enables a marketer to reverse engineer the techniques, products and niches that are popular right now using a process which can be replicated time and time again.

‘You can literally design to go Viral.’

This native advertising intelligence makes it possible to quickly and effectively research products, markets and content to discover what is currently working in the rapidly-changing Internet environment.

Peter said that the platform always leads to a successful end – an increased return on investment.

Native Ad Buzz combines content with stats from social media shares
Native Ad Buzz combines content with stats from social media shares

‘This makes exciting new business models possible, which use paid advertising platforms only to initially promote content after which social media shares generate free referral based advertising,’ he added.

Other features of Native Ad Buzz include the ability to identify and reverse engineer all successful native ad campaigns, laser-targeting the products, offers and niches which are popular right now.

With their goal firmly in sight, marketers can discover the most successful native ad business models and the text, images and techniques that are already working.

The user interface is also designed with ‘non-techies’ in mind.

Peter added: ‘Don’t panic, there’s no need to be a ”techie” to experience the phenomenal power of Native Ad Buzz.

‘Disappointed with the poor user interfaces and steep learning curves associated with other marketing intelligence products, we have specifically designed Native Ad Buzz with a clean intuitive user- interface and simple graphical display.’


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