June Hatton from Brixham, Devon, who bit an alsatian in a desperate attempt to try and stop it savaging her pet dog. See SWNS story SWBITE: A brave grandmother told yesterday (thurs) how SHE attacked an Alsatian and sank her DENTURES into the savage dog in a desperate bid to stop it mauling her pet terrier. Devastated June Hatton, 80, was walking her Yorkshire Terrier Milly when an off-the-lead Alsatian sprang from nowhere and attacked her beloved dog. June deperately tried to stop the horrific attack – including biting the Alsation with her false teeth – but failed to distract the beast and came away with mouthfuls of its hair. Sadly, the attack was so ferocious little Milly didn’t stand a chance and – despite June’s best efforts – she died in the onslaught.

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