Naked flasher walks into a bar carrying SEX TOYS and offers to fight EVERYONE


A flasher walked into a bar naked from the waist down carrying a bag of SEX TOYS before offering to fight everybody in the pub, a court heard.

David Sherratt, 51, shocked drinkers in his local pub when he wandered through the doors “in a state of nakedness” holding a carrier bag of dildos on November 16 last year.

He then turned to other punters, raised his arms and declared: ‘If anyone has a problem with me, they can take it outside”.

Magistrates heard the carer then left the White Hart, in Tunstall, Stoke-on-Trent, Staffs., not wearing any trousers or underwear and approached a group of children before being arrested.

On Thursdayhe appeared at North Staffordshire Justice Centre where he admitted causing harassment, alarm and distress.

Sherratt, from Tunstall, was handed a 12-month community order by JPs and ordered to pay £85 costs.

Prosecutor Steve Knowles told the court Sherratt walked into the pub while drunk and high on drugs carrying “items of a sexual nature” at around 10.10pm .

He said: “A witness at the White Hart saw Mr Sherratt enter the bar.

“He wasn’t wearing any clothing on the lower half of his body.

“She was shocked by his appearance.

“He turned to face the customers and said, ‘If anyone has a problem with me they can take it outside’.

“He then left the pub and a short time later the witness also left.

“Again, she saw Mr Sherratt in a state of nakedness and decided to call the police due to the fact he was walking towards a group of children.

“Police arrived and he was detained.

“There was also a bag containing clothing and items of a sexual nature which was handed to police.”

When he was caught officers found he had amphetamines and clothing in the bag, and he admitted he ” may have taken too much” of the drug.

Sherratt also admitted possessing a Class B drug and breaching a conditional discharge for stealing a jacket from Matalan.

Hayley Keegan, defending, said: “The use of alcohol has previously been one of the issues around his offending.

“That has progressed to the use of amphetamine.

“He used it originally to help him get through the working day and then to try to deal with emotional turmoil he was suffering with regard to his partner and children.

“This offence has given him the opportunity to seek help to resolve his issues because he is shocked and concerned that he would have committed this type of offence, and his recollection of it is so vague and limited.”


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