Mystic uses star signs to tame problem pets


A mystic healer is using star signs to tame problem pets – as Britain’s only animal astrologer.

Mystic uses star signs to tame problem pets

Fiona Celeste, 43, believes that animal behaviour is dictated by the zodiac in the same way as humans.

Gemini dogs are sociable and enjoy travelling, Virgos enjoy their creature comforts and appreciate peace and quiet, and Scorpios make great police dogs because they are inherently nosey.

Fiona is using her unique skills to diagnose and resolve behavioural issues with pets and charges £35 for a reading.

Mum-of-three Fiona said: ”People want to know about their pets because they are part of the family and have their own personalities.

”We know our own star signs, why can’t we know our pets’ too?”

Fiona, of Glasgow, Fiona is trained in nursing and complementary healthcare but decided to use her talents as an astrologer to help people with pets.

She has set up her own clinic called Celestial Paws and has written a book on the subject called ‘Sun Signs for K9s’.

Fiona said: ”I know astrology is not everyone’s cup of tea and there are sceptics, including my children and my husband.

”But it’s all done very normally, it’s not like I look into a crystal ball.

”Reading star signs has always been a hobby of mine, my mother was into that kind of thing and she would ask me what star sign our pet dog was and it just grew from there.

”A lot of my customers get in touch and buy sessions for friends.”


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