Mystery ‘street artist’ strikes again as new social media themed street signs appear across city

WTF Lane, just one of the many social media-themed sign.

A ‘street artist’ has covered a city in fake social media road signs – including ‘Facebook Row’, ‘Snapchat End’, ‘Hashtag Walk’, ‘Lol Alley’, and ‘WTF Lane’.

The signs, on walls and pavements throughout Oxford are the latest work of an anonymous artist who goes by the name of ‘A34’.

The artist yesterday tweeted a selection of photos of the road signs, writing: “So my signs are out there. Many of them. Here are a few.”

Snapchat End just one of the many social media-themed sign.

In March, the artist also took responsibility for adding fantasy locations, including Middle Earth, Gotham Town and Narnia, to road direction signs in Didcot.

Following this initial incident, rumours began circulating as to who A34 could be, with unconfirmed sightings of ‘a hooded man in his twenties’ seen brazenly modifying the signs in broad daylight.

Hashtag Walk, just one of the many social media-themed sign.

At the time, Didcot Mayor Jackie Billington said: “I saw it online and thought I would go and have a look but I never made it to Middle Earth.

“I’m concerned that a tourist could be driving around for hours trying to find Gotham City.

LOL Alley,

“Someone has obviously gone to a lot of trouble. You can’t tell the difference, they are exactly the same font and look like any other normal street sign.”

While most residents welcomed the road sign modifications, describing the move as “genius” and “so cool” Mayor Billington said that ultimately taxpayers would end up paying for its removal.


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