Mystery female guest checks out of luxury hotel – leaving £500,000 of jewellery behind


A mystery female guest checked out of a luxury hotel room – and left behind £500,000 worth of jewellery.

The stunning blonde, believed to be American or Canadian, left London’s exclusive Westbury Mayfair Hotel on Monday morning.

But less than two hours later a chambermaid discovered a glittering treasure trove in a chest of drawers.

The haul included two diamond-encrusted rings, a glitzy necklace and matching earrings, and a designer ladies watch.

A hotel spokesman said the jewels were stashed in a night safe while staff mounted an unsuccessful search of the area.

He said: ”The jewels were absolutely stunning. I’ve seen some expensive jewellery in my time here but these were something else.

”The chambermaid had changed the beds and vacuumed the room, and was carrying out a routine check of the cupboards and drawers when she spotted them.

”She immediately locked the room and came down to tell me what she had found. Some of the diamonds were huge.”

The guest, who was 5ft 11ins tall and in her mid-30s, checked into a £2,500-a-night suite at the Bond Street hotel during the Wimbledon tennis tournament.

Staff say she was wined and dined by a male friend in his 40s, and spent a considerable amount of time and money in the hotels’ Polo Bar.

She checked out three days later clutching two suitcases and a handbag, before hailing a cab destined for central London.

But less than two hours later, it emerged that she had forgotten to pack her most treasured possessions – a selection of jewellery estimated to be worth £500,000.

Staff mounted an immediate search of the area.

Despite knowing her full name, she left no contact details or home address overseas.

The spokesman said: ”It was a real race against time. Three staff scoured the local shops and another took a taxi to Heathrow.

”We did everything possible but feared we’d never see her again.”

The hunt finally ended yesterday on Thursday when the woman – who has not been named – rang the hotel in tears.

Senior management verified her identity, and have since arranged for the jewels’ safe return.

”The lady told me that she’d left the room in a hurry, and only realised her loss while sitting on the plane,” the spokesman added.

”She explained the gravity of the situation – and the cost of the jewellery – and we have now organised for the jewels to be returned.

”We are delighted to have helped, and I can say that she is very, very, relieved.”


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