The personal card of congratulations to Tom Bingham from Star Wars: The Force Awakens director J J Abrams. See NTI story NTIGUITARS. Creative Tom, 68, has built themed instruments for 10 years including an electric guitar in the style of a Millennium Falcon and the Jedi Anakin Fighter. The retired printer scours car boot sales and scrap yards to find metal and wood to use for his guitars – which take up to three months each to build. And last week he received a personal card of congratulations from Star Wars:The Force Awakens director J J Abrams. Yesterday (Tue) Tom, from Corby, Northants., said: “I received a phone call from an American lady who asked me if I was the guy who made Star Wars guitars. “I was a little worried as I thought maybe I was in trouble with some sort of copyright infringement. She asked me what my address was as J J Abrams wanted to contact me. I spent three weeks worrying if I was about to get hit with a writ for $1 million or even worse, but was delighted when he sent me a card saying how much he liked my guitars. It’s nice to think that wealthy famous people like him take time out to write to ordinary people like myself.” Tom created his Millennium Falcon guitar based on a picture from the internet.

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