‘Mushroom cloud’ caught on camera


A stunned walker was blown away after he saw this ‘mushroom cloud’ similar to the aftermath of a nuclear explosion.

Wine bar manager Richard Raczynski-Floyd, 54, and his partner were enjoying a walk with the dog when they spotted the eerie cloud formation.

Richard, from Exeter, Devon, said: ”My partner and I were walking the dog and saw the aftermath but didn’t hear the explosion!

”There was a glow of a fading sun underneath the clouds. The sunburst was coming through and the shape was just like a nuclear explosion you see in films.”

A spokesman for the Met Office said: ”It appears to show two types of cloud – cumulus that has developed and towers behind a layer of stratocumulus.

”The angle of the evening sun and position of the photographer clearly highlights the contours of some of the clouds.”

Cumulus are clouds heaped on each other while stratocumulus are a continuous horizontal sheet of clouds.


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