Mum With Epileptic Toddler Begs Doctors To Give Tot Cannabis-Based Cure For 100-a-Day Seizures

Jenna Heary, 22, and Matthew Botham with their daughter Olivia, two, who has severe epilepsy which means she has over 100 seizures a day

The mum of a toddler suffering from 100 epileptic fits a day has begged doctors to give her poorly tot a CANNABIS-based cure.

Jenna Heary, 22, hopes the Class-B drug could help put a stop to seizures had by her two-year-old daughter Olivia Botham.

The youngster is already on six bouts of different medications and ketogenic diet – but mum-of-two Jenna claims it doesn’t work.

She now hopes that Olivia can secure a clinical trial spot so she can use CBD medical cannabis oil or Cannabidiol to help reduce and control the seizures.

Jenna Heary, 22, and Matthew Botham with their daughter Olivia

Jenna, of Preston, Lancs., said: “In one child I heard of, the oil reduced her seizures by about 50 per cent

“I want to get her on a trial to make her just that little bit more comfortable and if it reduces her seizures that would be a real bonus – it’s our last resort.”

Olivia has been left blind and partially paralysed after showing the symptoms for Early Myoclonic Encephalopathy (EME), a particularly severe form of epilepsy, at just one month old.

Jenna and Olivia’s father Matthew Botham, also 22, are desperate to give the ill tot a better quality of life for however long she has left.

Jenna, who cannot work because Olivia needs round the clock care, said: “She started having these eye flickers.

“Then one night she cried so much that in the end she wasn’t even making a sound. She had gone lethargic and she wasn’t feeding so I took her to A&E.”

Doctors have told Jenna that the sets of cluster seizures throughout her early life has left the toddler not being able to walk or talk.

She added: “She can go [die] anytime, she could have sudden unexplained epileptic death where she goes so bed and just doesn’t wake up.”

Cannabidol, a drug derived from cannabis but with the psycho-active elements emitted, has helped thousands of epilepsy sufferers, research boffins say.


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