Cathy Walters pictured in with her son Lyndon-Rhys in hospital recovering in the weeks after he was born. See SWNS story SWMIRACLE. A mum whose baby was given a one percent chance of survival after her waters broke at 17 weeks has shocked doctors by giving birth to a healthy boy. Cathy, 29, from Didcot, Oxfordshire, was told she should terminate her baby after her waters broke at 17 weeks. Doctors told Cathy and her husband Phillip, 45, their baby was likely to die as a result and the mum’s health was also in danger. Despite weeks of heavy bleeding and weekly visits to John Radcliffe Hospital in Oxford, Cathy gave birth to 3lb 9oz Lyndon-Rhys, 30 weeks into the pregnancy. The mum, who has suffered five miscarriages in the past, said she was determined to not give up on her baby and ignored doctors’ advice.

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