Mum Unable To Hug Her Children After Botched Breast Surgery

Kelly Wood who has been forced to wait six years for surgery after her breast implants ruptured. Pictured with two of her children, Anya, six and Mason, five.

A young mum-of-three has been left in so much pain after a botched boob job that she is is unable to hug her children.

Kelly Wood, 28, had the surgery aged 17 after doctors found no breast tissue developing in her body.

But six years ago, hardened scar tissue left her breasts deformed, and she found herself in excruciating pain the following year.

The mum from Maidstone, Kent, is now locked in a dispute with the NHS following two postponements to a corrective procedure, initially due to take place in November.

Kelly Wood who has been forced to wait six years for surgery after her breast implants ruptured.

She is desperate to go under the knife and put an end to her agony, but medical professionals want to seek further advice.

Kelly said: “I was told my surgery would be on January 5 and now it has been suspended because they need a second opinion.

“I can’t play with my children.

“It feels like I have got a rock on my front and I have to wear a bra all the time.”

She says she has been given conflicting reasons as to why doctors haven’t been able to do the procedure so far.

Kelly says one told her they hadn’t ordered the implant, and another said it was because they had a cancer patient in for surgery.

The mum also claims she had issues over whether the NHS would pay for the replacement, as well as removal of her implants, which was only solved after getting her MP, Helen Whately, involved.

Kelly added: “The woman at the NHS thought my surgery was being done for cosmetic reasons and she had no idea it was for health reasons.

“I am being told so many different things by so many different people and I don’t know what is going on.

“My life is a struggle at the moment.

“The slightest knock is so painful and I have been living on painkillers.”

A spokesman for the Maidstone and Tunbridge Wells NHS Trust said: “We are sorry Miss Wood has concerns about her care, which we have discussed with her.

“We have her best interests at heart and have suggested a second opinion for clinical reasons.”


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