Billie Goodwin and her mother, Emma. A mum reckons her daughter managed to beat a tumour thanks to adopting a new diet – once eaten by CAVEMEN. See SWNS story SWDIET; Billie Goodwin developed a huge tumour on her cheek aged just three, and when it was removed her mum was told there was a high likelihood they would return. But when mum Emma read online about the health benefits of adopting a Paleo diet – a programme of berries, leaves and wild game – she decided to make her family give it a go, and little Billie has been tumour-free ever since. Mum-of-two Emma said: “Being head of the kitchen for a family of four, I believed I was doing right by my family by buying organic, cooking from scratch every day, and providing a variety of fruits and vegetables on top of processed foods like pasta and bread.

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