Mum reckons adopting a caveman-like diet helped her young daughter beat CANCER.

Billie Goodwin and her mother, Emma (SWNS Group)

A mum reckons her daughter managed to beat a tumour thanks to adopting a new diet – once eaten by CAVEMEN.

Billie Goodwin and her mother, Emma (SWNS Group)
Billie Goodwin and her mother, Emma (SWNS Group)

Billie Goodwin developed a huge tumour on her cheek aged just three, and when it was removed her mum was told there was a high likelihood they would return.

But when mum Emma read online about the health benefits of adopting a Paleo diet – a programme of berries, leaves and wild game – she decided to make her family give it a go, and little Billie has been tumour-free ever since.

Mum-of-two Emma said: “Being head of the kitchen for a family of four, I believed I was doing right by my family by buying organic, cooking from scratch every day, and providing a variety of fruits and vegetables on top of processed foods like pasta and bread.

“But, as a family, we were just not thriving – especially my youngest daughter.

“She was pasty, pale and often ill.

“Her behaviour was unruly, and she would be hyper and unresponsive.

“It got to the point where I questioned my parenting skills and whether or not I actually liked my own offspring.”
SWNS_STONEAGE_DIET_07After Billie had surgery to remove the tumour on her cheek, Emma vowed to help her get well and introduced the Paleo diet.

Paleo is short for Paleolithic, relating to the Stone Age about two million years ago, when people would have only been able to eat what they could forage or catch in the wild.

Billie is now fully recovered and Emma is convinced her daughter’s healthier look and better behaviour is down to the diet, because her other daughter, Chasby (corr), 12, has seen similar improvements.

She now buys all her ingredients, where possible, from local produce suppliers and farm shops and grows her own fruit and vegetables – and steers clear of ‘modern’ foods like bread, pasta and dairy.

Instead of snacking on crisps and sweets, little Billie munches on courgettes and berries – and she drinks delicious homemade vegetable and fruit smoothies instead of fizzy drinks.

She is so adamant the diet is responsible for her family’s change in fortunes she has started weekly cooking courses at her home.

Emma, who also lives with husband Stuart, said: “We have been practising Paleo cooking and meal planning for more than five years now and have transformed the family dynamic, and boosted our energy levels considerably.

“The children are now thriving and achieving at school, they have rosy cheeks and even get involved with the housework.”


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