Mum-of-two hounded out of her flat for being WHITE after racist yobs daub graffiti on door and post notes telling her this “flat is for blacks only”

The threatening note left at number 65 Mary Slessor Street in Willenhall, West Mids.

A mum-of-two has been driven out of her own home after being targeted by racist yobs who terrorised her – simply for being WHITE.

Samantha Sunter, 24, was left terrified after finding her door covered in racist graffiti and faeces as well as a letter telling her the area was “for black sisters and brothers”.

Sammie Sunter, 24, from Willenhall, West Midlands.
Sammie Sunter, 24, from Willenhall, West Midlands. (NTI/SWNS)

The hairdresser found the note – which also had a gun drawn on it – on the first day of moving into her new flat in Willenhall, Coventry, West Mids., on Monday (16/2).

The letter also stated “Willenhall is black so f*** off” while another one put on her door read: “Black Power. Don’t stay to long or else…”

Another chilling message simply reads: “We are watching you white bitch.”

Single mum Samantha has now been forced to flee from the #360-a-month property as a result of the vile abuse as is now staying with mother nearby.

Police have confirmed they have launched an investigation and are treating the incident as a race hate crime.

Yesterday (Fri) Samantha, who has two children Harvey Anderson, two, and Oscar  five, said: “It has terrified me. I couldn’t feel safe in my own home and all for being white.

“I got the keys on Wednesday (11/2) and spent the rest of the week decorating the boys’ bedrooms.

“I left the flat at 4pm on Sunday and got back there at 9am on Monday to see this. It was horrific.

“It was the first time the kids had seen their new home and this was what they were greeted with.

“I had to explain racism to my five-year-old. It’s just not acceptable.

“I said that it looked like whoever was responsible was African. He wanted to know why they hated us.

“He didn’t really understand. If we are equal what gives the person responsible the right to do that?

“He has friends of different ethnicity at school but now he feels like he is the odd one out for being white.

“I told him that whoever was responsible was going to get punished, but who knows if that will happen.

“The housing association said there had been a similar incident but neglected to tell me that before I moved in.

“It’s disgraceful really. I’m a single mum with two young children and they have put my life in danger.

“I think they have allowed this to happen. If it’s happened before, and they have neglected to tell me, then they have put me and my children at risk.

“I hate racism in all its forms – but I never though I would be the one to be a victim of it in Britain.”

the threatening note left at number 65 Mary Slessor Street in Willenhall, West Mids.
the threatening note left at number 65 Mary Slessor Street in Willenhall, West Mids. (NTI/SWNS)

Samantha, who has since found a new property, said she has lived in Willenhall for 15 years and has never experienced anything like this before.

She added: “These people make Willenhall out to be some sort of LA ghetto but its not.

“They say it’s their area but it’s really not – there’s a little old white man living in the flat below.

“The whole point of this is that it’s not right. I’m not going to sit there and take it.

“I had to have a police escort away from my property and I knew I was being watched.

“You hold your head up high but it’s disgusting. I could not believe I was forced out of my own home.”

West Midlands Police said they were treating the attack as racially aggravated criminal damage and said the incident was being taken “very seriously”.

Housing association Whitefriars, which owns the flat, also confirmed there has also been a previous incident at the address.

The threatening note left at number 65 Mary Slessor Street in Willenhall, West Mids.
The threatening note left at number 65 Mary Slessor Street in Willenhall, West Mids. (NTI/SWNS)

Carmel McCarthy, director of housing and neighbourhood services, said: “We absolutely deplore the actions reported and are working closely with the police to identify the culprit and to press for the strongest possible actions to be taken against them.

“There had been a previous incident reported at the property, which we passed on to the police for investigation.

“We closely monitor these events and in this case it appeared to be a one-off incident.

“As soon as Ms Sunter drew this incident to our attention, we offered her another home, which she will be moving into shortly.

“We have been working closely with Ms Sunter and the police on this incident and will continue to do so.

“Whitefriars always seeks to take strong action against any and all hate crime and we have close links with the police who work with us to investigate and prosecute these types of incidents.”

A spokeswoman for West Midlands Police said: “Police were called after racist graffiti and faeces were daubed on a property in Mary Slessor Street overnight on Sunday 15 February.

“An offensive letter was also put through the letterbox. Officers have conducted house to house enquiries and taken the letter for forensic examination.

“Anyone with information should contact police on 101.”

Anyone with information is asked to call police on 101 or Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555111.


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