Collects photos from the family of Eddie Marshall, 16. A mum is being forced to make a 600 mile round-trip to visit her disabled son – because there is only one hospital in the whole COUNTRY that can look after him. See swns story SWTRIP. Eddie Marshall, 16, has learning disabilities and mental health issues which mean that he needs round the clock care.His mum, Adele Hanlon, 33, has been told that there is only one centre in the whole country capable of caring for him. But the hospital is in Newcastle and Adele lives with her three other children in Bristol – meaning she has to tackle an arduous 600 MILE trip every time she wants to see her son. Because the journey is so long and expensive, and due to her partner’s working pattern and childcare difficulties, devastated Adele is only able to visit Eddie once a month.As a result, the teenager, who has attachment issues as well as ADHD, autism, dyspraxia, epilepsy and bipolar disorder, becomes agitated when it comes to saying goodbye.Adele said the situation is having a negative impact on Eddie – and she feels completely unable to help.

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