Mum Gives Birth To Daughters On Same Day – Just Three Years And 20 Minutes Apart

Mark and Leanne Stagg with Imogen, 3 and baby Olivia.

A mum miraculously gave birth to her second daughter exactly three years to the day before her first – with just 20 MINUTES between them.

Leanne Stagg, 33, was elated after giving birth on New Year’s Day in a repeat performance exactly three years to the day since she delivered her first child.

It was like clockwork for mum-of-two Leanne as she had already given birth at the same hospital with her eldest daughter Imogen, on the same day in 2015 at 2.06am.

So when she went into labour on January 1 this year, it was definitely a case of deja vu when daughter Olivia was welcomed into the world at 2.26am.

Mark and Leanne Stagg with Imogen, 3 and baby Olivia

However, it was never suppose to be on the same day at all – little Olivia was not suppose to be due until January 12.

Proud parents Leanne, alongside the girls’ dad Mark Stagg, 36, of Blackpool, Lancs., said: “What are the odds of something like this happening?

“There is three years and just 20 minutes between them.

“We didn’t plan for a January baby this time – we were originally aiming to conceive in September or October.

“Olivia wasn’t due until a bit later in January, so we couldn’t believe it when it happened at New Year all over again – there was definitely a sense of deja vu.”

Imogen, 3 with baby Olivia – both Stagg.

Both girls were born at Blackpool Victoria Hospital, with Imogen weighing 7lb 7oz and newborn Olivia weighing 7lb 15 oz.

Leanne, a veterinary nurse at Myerscough College, added: “It also means that as the girls grow up, they will celebrate their birthdays on the same day – including their daughters’ 18th and 21st milestones.”

Matthew, 36, an area officer for Wyre Council, said: “It’s going to be very hectic!”


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