Mum Fighting For Her Life In Hospital After Falling Ten Feet Over A Wall – Onto CONCRETE

Wendy Brown on her wedding day with husband Gary.

A mother-of-two is fighting for her life in hospital after falling ten feet over a wall – onto CONCRETE.

Wendy Snelson Brown, 54, was three nights into a week’s holiday in Tenerife, Spain, when she tripped walking up a flight of stairs and fell over the unguarded wall.

Her husband of just six months, Gary, 54, fought desperately to save Wendy with CPR after finding her unresponsive and managed to bring her back on the third attempt.

Angst-ridden Gary broke three of her ribs during the battle to bring her around.

She was rushed to La Palma hospital with head fractures in three places and two shattered lumbar vertebrae – after flying to the island on New Year’s Eve.

Wendy Snelson Brown fighting for her life after a ten-foot fall.

The bleed in her brain filled a quarter of her skull – and she was airlifted to Tenerife university hospital for emergency surgery.

Wendy, of Bollington, Cheshire, spent two weeks in an induced coma and has just come out of intensive back surgery.

She is now awaiting medical airlift to a UK hospital for rehabilitation with doting husband Gary at her side.

However, close friend Joanne McKindley, 37, said she feared business analyst Wendy was far from out of the woods.

She said: “At present we do not know what the future will be for Wendy.

“The extent of her injuries are at present unknown but whatever the outlook may be Wendy’s current home will not be an option for her.

“She only married six months ago – her wedding day was the happiest I’ve ever seen her.

“They were just three days into the holiday then on the third day this happens.

“It sounds like when she hit the concrete she was already dead – Gary broke three ribs trying to bring her back.

“He was absolutely devastated about it but she is alive.”

Wendy Brown on holiday with husband Gary in Mexico

Pal Joanne, who has known Wendy for more than ten years, said Gary, who has two children from a previous marriage, had been left shattered by the calamity.

She said: “They were friends from way back then met up again after Wendy got divorced.

“They fell in love and got married – I’ve never seen Wendy so happy.

“He’s so good to her but it’s hard for him because the hospital is quite strict and he’s only allowed to see Wendy for 15 minutes at a time.

“I’m praying like crazy – she is such a nice person and I just want to support her as best as I can.”

Gary, who is waiting by Wendy’s side for her recovery along with her two children Tim and Rachel, both in their 20s, believes her road to recovery will be a long one.

He posted on a gofundme page set up to support his wife during the long rehabilitation.

Wendy Brown on her wedding day with husband Gary.

The post reads(SIC): “We’ve got a long way to go but I know that with you and all of our friends and family pulling together it will allow Wendy the best fighting chance on her road to recovery.”

Joanne believes that Wendy will need to be re-homed in accommodation adapted to meet her rehabilitation needs when she returns home.

Husband Gary, an IT consultant, will have to become her full-time carer.

To donate to the couple’s crowdfunding page to help her recovery visit


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