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MTV unveils UK version of Jersey Shore: ‘Geordie Shore’


Reality TV show Jersey Shore, one of MTV’s most successful ever programmes, is getting a UK makeover with the launch of ‘Geordie Shore.’

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The music channel tweeted last night that they are beginning casting for the series, and a Facebook page has been created stating: “We are looking for Newcastle’s hottest, funniest and fittest young people to take part in an exciting new show!”

Jersey Shore follows eight twenty-somethings sharing a New Jersey beach house over the summer and has attracted a massive 8.4 million viewers in the US.

MTV UK director Kerry Taylor explained their choice of Newcastle for the UK version, saying: “Jersey Shore is set in the summer and it is always summer in the north-east.

“No one wears a coat and Geordie girls are always out in their miniskirts.”

Show bosses are looking for males and females aged 18-27 who are “proud of their Geordie roots, love to party and go out all the time, are good-looking, turn heads wherever they go and are up for a laugh.”

The programme is being produced by Liverpool’s Lime Pictures, who are also responsible for ‘docusoap’ The Only Way Is Essex.



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