Mother’s Day texts on the rise


One in three mums will receive a text instead of a card this Mother’s Day, a survey revealed today

Research revealed cards are very much a thing of the past amid the digital age and have been replaced by Facebook posts, tweets and text messages.

Incredibly, one in six people said they weren’t going to bother sending their mums anything at all while one quarter didn’t even know when Mother’s Day was.

The survey was commissioned by THQ to launch the uDraw GameTablet, a new accessory for the Wii, which lets players use a tablet as an electronic canvas.

Wayne Cline, of THQ, said: ”We live in a time when people are turning to new technology more and more and using that to make their lives easier.

”Yet it’s telling that so many mums would just prefer their kids to stop and spend a bit more time with them. Producing something handmade is a great way to show we care in a more thoughtful way.”


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