Mother shed half her weight after getting too fat for an aeroplane SEAT BELT


A super-slimming mum who ballooned to 22 stone lost over half her body weight after being shamed into going on a diet – when she was too fat for an aeroplane SEAT BELT.

Pretty Katy Isaac, 28, piled on the pounds after gorging on chips and Chinese takeaways following the birth of her daughter 10 years ago.

At her heaviest, Katie tipped the scales at 22 stone and was a hefty size 28.

Katy Isaac at home after losing half her body weight
Katy Isaac at home after losing half her body weight

She was too embarrassed of her size to take her two children swimming and refused to bare her flesh even on holiday.

But she decided to lose weight after she got married to Craig, 41, in 2006, and was unable to fit the seat belt around her bulky frame when she boarded a flight for her honeymoon to Turkey.

After failing to lose weight on her own, she finally joined Slimming World 18 months ago and ditched junk food and cooking with oil.

She lost an incredible 12 stone 5lbs to weigh a trim nine stone 13lbs and lost 10 dress sizes to become a svelte size eight.

Katy with her two children when she weighed 22 stone
Katy with her two children when she weighed 22 stone
Katy on a fancy dress night
Katy on a fancy dress night

Katy, a dinner lady from Welshpool, Shropshire, said: “I’d tried losing weight before but I always failed miserably because the diets I followed would leave me feeling hungry and deprived, and so I’d be miserable, too.

“I was never a big person until the birth of my daughter Milly. I started living on convenience foods.

“We would eat ready meals every day, and loads of takeaways, I loved a trip to the chippy or a Chinese meal.

“The lowest point was for my honeymoon to Turkey, I got on the plane and sat in my seat, but when I picked up the belt I realised it would not fit around my stomach.

“I tried and tried but it would not go, I realised there were people staring at me, it was so embarrassing for me.

“I had to call the stewardess, and they had to bring me an extender normally given to pregnant woman or parents who have children on their laps.

“I tried after that to lose the weight, but it still didn’t work.

“I’d miss my favourite foods too much, so before long I’d have thrown in the towel and be back where I started.

“But Slimming World was completely different to anything I’d known before.

“I didn’t have to go hungry and I’ve never once felt like I’m missing out on anything.

“The changes I made to the way I cooked and ate were small ones, like swapping white bread for wholemeal and using low calorie spray instead of oil or butter, but they made a big difference.

“They meant I could still enjoy all my favourites and lose weight.

“It was great to be able to eat the same as my family and friends instead of having to have a separate diet dinner, too, so they’ve benefited from eating more healthily without even trying.

“I feel so much better now, and I feel better for my children.

“Everything we eat at home is now home-made, it means I have not only helped
myself but improved my children’s lives.

“It is fantastic, my next goal is to run a half marathon, I love running now, it’s one of the things there was no way I could do 18-months-ago.”

Earlier this month Katy was named one of Slimming World’s slimmer of the years and met a host of stars, including West Life star Brian McFadden, at an award ceremony in Birmingham.

Heather Robertson, who runs the Welshpool Slimming World group, said: “Katy doesn’t only look great on the outside; she’s a new woman on the inside, too.

“Nowadays she’s unrecognisable from the shy, unhappy woman who walked into the group all those months ago.

“She’s happier, healthier and more confident, and her success is contagious as she’s inspired so many other people in the group.”


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